a 21st century management discipline
for human-centered leaders and teams

BRAVESHIFT is an organizational design and leadership firm
partnering with progressive executives and teams
to create thriving workplaces filled with whole people.

5 signs you're ready for a paradigm shift in your leadership and culture

  1. You've got a clear vision and solid strategy, yet your leaders are somehow not really aligned.

  2. Your values look terrific on your website, but there's consensus that they don't show up in the workplace.

  3. Your business is achieving growth, but your people are worried about losing that entrepreneurial edge.

  4. You take pride in high-quality products and programs, but colleagues complain about the lack of innovation.

  5. You've made efforts at inclusive, transparent decision-making, yet staff express distrust of management.


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Your gut tells you it's time to choose a new approach. A human approach. We understand.


Action Against Hunger, New York

Atlantic Philanthropies, New York

Boston Early Music Festival, Cambridge, MA

Concern Worldwide-USA, New York

Diaspora Community Service, Brooklyn

Digital Green, India & San Francisco

ECODIT, Washington DC

from Clarity, New York

Green Chinmeys, Brewster, NY

Guttmacher Institute, New York

Helen Keller International, New York

HP Americas Channels, New York

The Hunger Project, New York

International Budget Partnership, Washington, DC

International Seed Federation, Switzerland

International Youth Foundation, Baltimore

Jersey City, Dept of Health & Human Services

Leap for Kids, New Haven, CT

Open Government Partnership, Washington, DC

PAI, Washington, DC

Sanofi Pasteur, Cambridge MA

Simons Foundation, New York

Summer Search NYC

Synergos, New York

Teach for All, New York

USAID South Africa

the BRAVESHIFT Calling

To nurture humanistic management practices in the workplace and help create a future of thriving, whole organizations filled with purposeful people.

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