Personal effectiveness

More Free. More Me.

[New BraveShift principal Jillian Reilly walks our talk by sharing a recent personal story…] I couldn’t help feeling like a fraud in the days leading up to Courage Camp.  A happy fraud, mind you, but still a fraud. Courageous wasn’t something I was raised to be.  Courage was the purview of others—people I didn’t know,…

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We All Make Magic: My Lessons in Courage

Purple is my favorite color. It inspires me. It makes me think of beauty and kindness. I also love purple because it’s a “girl” color and since I’m a guy, taking purple as my favorite color makes me feel a little rebellious. Whenever I’m doing creative brainstorming, I use a purple colored pencil. Never a…

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Gut Check – Pants on Fire!

Liar, liar….you know the rest. It’s so much easier to call out someone ELSE’s lie rather than your own. Be easy and kind to yourself. But also be really honest. What’s a lie you’ve been telling yourself and how much of a RELIEF will it be to let it go?

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