A Gracious Leader’s Secret Skill

Creating Beauty.

There, we said it.  After a month of blogging on grace, we’ve summed it up with this maybe-not-so-simple piece of advice:  if you want to be a gracious leader then become intentional about creating beauty.

And yes, we said beauty. We use words like  “beauty” and “joy” and “lighthearted” that people think don’t belong in workplaces where productivity and deadlines and surveys rule.  Because we want you to start thinking differently about what humans really require at work.  To start creating space for more productive types of human exchanges.

At the heart of grace is a commitment to beauty – no, not the aesthetic kind.  The kind of beauty that  — ok we consulted a dictionary – “gives deep satisfaction to the mind.”  Think about that concept of a deeply satisfied mind and let that be your guide to grace.  The mind that isn’t left with niggling doubts or misgivings about what was or wasn’t said, how you did or didn’t handle a situation, how you might have done better or more.  Gracious leaders create that sense of satisfaction around them.  And satisfaction is workplace gold.

So in the process of discovering your grace, commit yourself to creating:

Beautiful exchanges marked by truth, laughter, meaning.

Beautiful spaces where people feel belonging, inspiration, purpose.

Beautiful ideas that advance, improve, create.

Beautiful products that solve, unlock, support

Will it be wholesale? No.  Can you do it all the time?  Of course not.  But simply by becoming intentional about creating this kind of beauty, you’ll find the quality of your work — and your workplace — will improve.