No More Hamster Wheel: Try Conscientious Social Content

You’re probably reading this on your phone. In between tasks. While avoiding tasking. En route to another task. Social media has become the oil in the joints of our day, ensuring there’s never silence or even just quiet. Taking us out of our offices, out of whatever chair we’re seated in, into a bustling, jostling world of ideas and opinions.

It fills our minds, but at the same time can leave us feeling so empty. Of course, NOW you can find social content about dealing with social content…see some fav sites like Huffpost and Buffer and Lifehack

There’s so much we love about creating content for social media – the opportunity it gives us – and so many others – to share our thoughts and opinions. The way that it’s democratized global conversation, creating these micro platforms for expression among people who would otherwise have faced gates they couldn’t enter through.

This multiplicity of voices is our hope for the future – we truly believe that.

But here’s our issue with all this social content: the inherently reactionary nature of it, the way it feeds a reactionary culture. Sure social content can explore broader themes and bigger issues, but the nature of the medium is a fairly quick riff on the issues of the day. Timeliness is a content provider’s currency.   And what’s the broader impact of this quick fire, fairly off the cuff take on whatever’s trending? Consumable ideas. Short term-ism; flavor of the month-ism.

Chronic distraction!

In other words, so much of what is wrong with public discourse today. So much of what we spend our days trying to prevent.

BraveShift is all about cultivating a sense of getting back to being human again, a sense of connection between me and you and us. We’re committed to fostering the discipline to walk a long and often difficult road of engaging with authenticity and empathy.   We’re in the business of cultivating progressive workplaces, of promoting the valor of reflective humans at work together.

So how does our social content support mindfulness when its net impact could be to add to all the noise that can seem so mind-less?

Well, in the spirit of conscientiousness, we’ve decided to be explicit about themes we’re using to frame our social content. Like chapters in a textbook. It’s kind of quaint, right? Like you’re back in school and next month is all about dinosaurs or natural disasters. Except we won’t be writing about dinosaurs or natural disasters! But our intentions are probably not all that different from your past teachers.

By announcing themes, we’d like to encourage you to settle into a concept, reflect on it from different perspectives, understand it from different angles and allow it to frame your worldview. For just a little while. Rather than stirring up debate or riling up our readers – which might well happen – our primary intention is to make you more mindful: of yourself as a leader and a colleague, of your team and your workplace, and the myriad ways you can influence and shape your behavior and that of the people around you.

Our hope is that we contribute to more innovative, inspirational and engaging workplaces. Our social content is just one way to do that.

So you probably can’t wait to hear our first theme, can you? For the month of September, which is almost halfway over, but sometimes great ideas come to you half way through the month?

Drum roll please….. In the spirit of “back to school”, September is all about being students in our lives. For the next two weeks we’ll explore issues of learning, of asking questions and having answers, and of finding teachers to guide us through our journeys at work. We’re excited about this new chapter in BraveShift’s social media work.

Join us, sit with us, share with us. Let’s see where we go together.

Written by Jillian Reilly