with every engagement we strive to be gutsy, share our own story and have courageous conversations

/'brāv, SHift/ verb: to courageously evolve beyond 20th century conventions and cultivate a new, humanistic approach to workplace performance and the life of organizations


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Lisa Gentile

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Cross our hearts… Tin Men (and Women) rarely make great changemakers. You need Heart.

Workshops don’t work... Not by themselves, anyway. So, yes, book out the conference room, but be prepared for the back at your desk – even back at home – work too.

Woman in the mirror... Change starts with us: a simple, transformational Truth that we all need to own. In other words, stop moaning about your boss and colleagues.

Time and time again... Change isn’t 140 characters long or a drive-through window. It’s a good conversation over a long lunch. So settle in and enjoy. Order dessert.

Talk that talk... Conversations are the currency for change. Real conversations: punctuated by laughter, hard questions, even silences.

People not paper... When the PowerPoint slides go dim and the paper has been filed away, your people are all you’ve got. So start to explore what you can achieve together. When you really show up.

Courage counts... Deep change requires courage. Not superhero courage. Just honest – sometimes uncomfortable – digging into your Truths courage.


Jillian:  Culture eats strategy.

Daniel:  No kidding! You think I don’t know that?

Jillian:  Oh, don't be grumpy. That’s what you kept saying to me when we first met. When you participated in that strategic planning workshop I ran in Tanzania. Culture eats strategy.

Daniel:  Well, I was trying to be helpful, throwing around Peter Drucker quotes! We were both so over strategic planning.

Jillian:  Where everybody nods their heads, fills up flipchart paper and goes back to the routine at their desks.

Daniel:  I was trying to get us to stop obsessing over goals and targets and talk about how our teams actually worked together.

Jillian:  But nobody wanted to hear it. It’s much easier to write up a nice, neat strategy and than deal with office dynamics.

Daniel:  Human dynamics. And it’s much easier to have a “facilitated” conversation than a courageous one.

Jillian:  Wait, I’ve got a new version of the "culture eats strategy" mantra!

Daniel:  Let's hear it. You have such a way with words!

Jillian:  Fear eats culture.

Daniel:  I love it. Yes! Because people are afraid.

Jillian:  Afraid to be authentic in the workplace.

Daniel:  Afraid to be Humans while at work.

Jillian:  So that’s what brought us together. Trying to get people to be more human. More real. To engage around issues of mindset, culture and leadership more honestly.

Daniel:  Trying to get people to trust each other more, collaborate more freely. Reconnect around a shared sense of purpose.

Jillian:  Which they so need if they want to execute those beautiful strategies and achieve those ambitious goals.

Daniel:  If they want to really do this 21st century innovation and disruption thing.

Jillian:  ....You know, it’s highly possible getting people to be human at work is harder than anything we faced in Africa.

Daniel:  It’s a brave shift, that’s for sure!

Jillian:  For our clients. And also for us.

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